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Dear All,

Please find attached an entry form for this season’s Middlesex Summer League.

Please pass this on to other people in your club if you are not running a team yourself this year.

The intention is to try and get all the forms back before 12th April and publish the League Structure by 21st April with a projected start date of week commencing 12th May.

As always it is a tight schedule with some clubs still playing winter matches but it will only work if every team completes the form and returns it by return.

As always, we welcome new teams so if you feel your club can support an additional team or you know of a club not playing in the Summer League then please encourage this.

If need be, please forward any details to me and I will contact them.

With best regards


Exciting Opportunity For Senior Squash & Racketball Coaches

Dear All,

An exciting opportunity has arisen in Middlesex Squash Association for three highly motivated, experienced, and passionate Senior Squash & Racketball Coaches. This is for the appointment of “County Coach Mentors” to work with a specified number of Squash Clubs/Centres & Coaches in the North, Central and West Regions of the county.

Middlesex Junior & Senior SRA’s recently embarked upon a comprehensive county-wide “Club & Coach Infrastructure, Business Skill Development & Mentoring project” part funded by ESR through their Grass Roots Development Fund and require 3 County Coach Mentors to drive and direct the programme. It is an ideal opportunity for personal development both as a coach and a mentor and to work in areas “beyond the court” helping clubs & coaches to expand and develop their businesses.

The positions are initially voluntary although as the project expands and attracts further support funding it is hoped that elements of the posts will be subsequently on-funded.

You will be required to possess diplomatic, management, leadership, coaching and mentoring skills. The position will involve meeting clubs and coaches in situ and the use of IT (i.e. Skype etc) and data collection and management analysis documents.

If this sounds exciting, in the first instance please ring Chris Vine (Middlesex’s Development Consultant) on 07768 067044 or Vickie Prow (Middlesex Junior Squash Chair) on 07796181286 for an initial chat – the post will be subject to interview.

County Closed Tournament hosted at Coolhurst in January - Results

Men A Draw   Men B Draw   Ladies Draw   Men Over 35 Draw   Men Over 45 Draw   Men Over 55 Draw   Men Plate Draw

Report from the Inter Counties

The men's senior team have won promotion to the premier division of the Inter County Championship!!! An outstanding display at the East Anglia Tennis & Squash Club saw Middlesex win all three matches to secure premier division squash next season.

Four very strong teams were in attendance to battle for the single promotion spot. Sporting top quality brand new kit supplied by team sponsor Squash Potential, Middlesex certainly looked the part. First up were Lancashire on Saturday afternoon. With the tie delicately poised at 2-2, Middlesex newcomer Jamie Ttophie took to the court against Lancashire pro Matt Sidaway. Despite saying he now "only plays for fun", Ttophie was is top form as he moved his younger opponent all round the court with solid control. When the opportunities came Ttophie's finishing was clinical, especially in the front backhand corner where he made the Lancastrian's life a misery. The pressure continued to build, much to the frustration of Sidaway and onlookers started taking bets how long it would be before Lancashire no.2's racket was launched at the front wall. A few moments later it was all over, match to Ttophie 3-0, tie to Middlesex 3-2 and Sidaway's racket (in several pieces) in the bin outside the court.

The Saturday evening clash was with Northumbria. Experienced campaigners Mick Biggs and Guy Olby bagged quick 3-0 wins on one court. Meanwhile, debutante Nick Sutcliffe was still battling it out with Northumbria no.3 Matt Hardy on the other. After over an hour of very physical and hugely entertaining squash, Sutcliffe emerged the winner 12-10 in the fifth. At the time no one realised how important that result would be, but when Northumbria took the next two matches, it was evident it had been Sutcliffe's determination that ultimately had separated the two teams. Tie to Middlesex 3-2.

The final match on Sunday morning was against hosts Norfolk. Theoretically, all four teams could still win the weekend, so despite the good work the previous day, a third win was a must. The hero of this match was Guy Olby, who constrained the hugely talented (if slightly portly) Matthew Bolt. The Norfolk no.4's shot making and reading of the game was second to none as he fought his way back from 2-0 down to put huge pressure on Olby. A lesser mortal may have crumbled, but Olby has bags of experience at this level. As Bolt started to tire, Olby went from strength to strength closing the final game out 11/2, leaving his team mates wondering why they were ever worried in the first place. So for a third time over the weekend, it was match to Middlesex 3-2. Hit the button for a full listing of all the weekend's results...

Full Results

The team would like to express special thanks to Mark de Ridder from Squash Potential. Not only did Mark do a great job in supplying full team kit, but also provided excellent support all weekend. He may have even been spotted helping out by refereeing a match or two. Thanks Mark!

Next season will see the team battling it out with the other 7 top counties in the country. Watch this space for more details.

From left to right: Guy Olby, Nick sutcliffe, Mick Biggs, Obaid Khan, Gurbhaj Kahlon, Jamie Ttophie

Inter-county promotion weekend held in Oxfordshire

Tis my pleasure to inform you that the Middlesex Ladies First Team were utterly triumphant last weekend at the Inter-county promotion weekend held in Oxfordshire. This means we ascend (back) to our rightful place in the Premier League, with the comp set for the first weekend of May.

Below is a run down of how we showed the other counties how to play squash:

On Saturday we pitched up at Radley College, near Oxford, a school for well mannered young boys (which we discovered while driving around in circles a couple of times, looking for the courts). But whatever- we were there to play Hampshire at 11am. I was on court first at no.3 and had a 3-1 win. Judith and Rina played on the special slip-n-slide court, at no.5 & 4 respectively, and had easy wins in 3. Next up was Margaux debuting both for Middlesex and no.1. There were a couple of close games but Margaux had it under control and nailed it in 3. Coming off the court, it was then discovered that Hampshire had accidentally played their no.2 against Margaux! This meant that Lisa played at dead rubber against their no.1. Doh! But it did mean a handy 5-0 start to the day.

In the afternoon, after a short break in the sun watching young Radley College boys romp around in academic gowns and suchlike, we took on the hosts Oxfordshire. Looks like the pressure of being the home side got to them, as they were an uncharacteristically flat team this time 'round. I exacted revenge on a young player who beat me last time, this time showing her that maturity can, er, sometimes triumph (in 3). Once again, Judith at 5 pasted her opponent in 3, as did Rina, whose opponent spent more time complaining about her game rather than playing it. At no.1 Margaux had majorly dud encounter with Kerri Lancaster, who is normally a v good player. Kerri was, alas, unwell and couldn't wait to get off the court, so another 3-0 for Margaux. Finally, no.2 Lisa was in top form and took Rachel Donald to the proverbial cleaners in 3. A very nice win! And another 5-0 for Middlesex.

The next day we had Sussex, who only had 4 players for the weekend + were sporting hangovers and as a result, played some lacklustre squash. Judith at 4 did however score the only player who seemed awake (and much better than e.g., their no.3!) and unfortunately lost. My game was against a lady who in between games complained about the shots the team had done the night before. They were not squash shots she was referring to and I sent her back to her seat on the porcelain bus, in 3. Margaux and Lisa also dispatched their opponents with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of efficiency, both in 3. 4-1 to Middlesex.

So the final outcome was:
1. Middlesex 57 points!!!
2. Hampshire 36 points
3. Sussex 23 points
4. Oxfordshire 14 points

Obviously top squash from Middlesex was the winner, and with the return of Dom and Selina for the Premier League weekend, we have a very real chance of national-flavoured glory.

Cheers much to Margaux, Lisa, Rina & Judith for giving up what was a gloriously sunny and warm weekend to play glorious squash :)

Position Available

Duty Manager

45hrs per week

Competitive salary

3 week shift pattern

Includes weekends & evenings.

Ealing Squash & Fitness Club is looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated and flexible individual who is committed to delivering excellent customer service and managing themselves and a small team.

The individual will be responsible for the day to day running and management of the club and bar.

The facility offers 3 floors of state of the art gym equipment, a studio, 2 squash courts and a bar.

Computer literacy, reliability plus a keen interest in squash and fitness would be the preferable skills and mentality required for this role.

For more information please send CV to Mark

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christophers Graded Tournament 2014

Hi All,

Please see the attached poster for details of this years tournament and click the link to visit the event registration page.

Click to View Poster

Click to View Entry Form


Hi All,

Please see the attached letter, entry form and poster for this years’ event.
It’s a graded comp (A, B and C) and the A grade is also a PSA Closed Satellite event.
1st prize this year for the A grade is £500.
Any questions please ask.

Tom May
Squash & Racketball Coach

The King’s School Recreation Centre
1 St Stephen’s Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7HU. Tel: 012 2781 2921

Click to view Letter / Poster / Entry Form


Poster        View more details at ESR Website 

Middlesex Squash & Racketball County Closed Entry Form 2014

  • When? Friday (evening) 24th to Sunday 26th January 2014
  • Where? Coolhurst SRC, Courtside, London N8 8EY
  • Cost? £10 cheque in advance or £15 on the day
  • Closing Date? Mon 20th January 2014

Click HERE! for the online entry form

2014 Jesters Tournament


Friends Romans and fellow squash players, apologies for a belated reminder this year.

Just under 3 weeks to go before the 2014 Jesters tournament so please get your entries in here.


For those of you that don’t know about this tournament in Summary

  • Venue is at the RAC in London Piccadilly so very central and easy to get to.
  • It is actually the Official British Amateur (and consequently only open to Amateur players)
  • This is not a graded tournament but all players get a minimum of 2 matches (based on last year’s turn out around 90 entries in the Open age group)
  • The finals of all the age groups are held on Monday 2nd February and your £20 entry Includes a Buffet Dinner at the RAC.
  • It really is a fantastic tournament and your entries would be most welcome

How ESR Spends Your Money

Click the link to open a flyer that shows you how England Squash & Racketball spends your £7.50 membership fee.

This is an enormous file - over 7megabytes - so please be patient  while it downloads (If your 3G/4G data is capped you may not want to download this on your phone !! )

Click to view...


Ramy Ashour - the world's greatest racquet-sport player?

bbc-clip-1When it's put to him that he might be the most talented athlete in the world to hold a racquet, a bashful Ramy Ashour admits "that's pretty great".

Read the full story at the BBC Sports News Website - Click Here


Inter County Final – Report


The first day of this inter county finals weekend has got underway despite severe snow. All but one of the teams Kent arrived in good spirits.


Inter County Final – Women - Report

Dear Team,
Thanks for your efforts at the weekend and all season. It is a privilege to be part of this team. I attach the ES photos and match report.


The Pakistani squash star who had to pretend to be a boy

Maria Toorpakai Wazir is a star squash player with a promising international career. Born in Waziristan, a highly conservative region of Pakistan, she had to disguise herself as a boy when she took up the sport - and later received ominous threats for playing in shorts.

Click the button to read the whole story on the BBC News Magazine Website...

BBC News Magazine.

Middlesex Men's Inter County Report 

The Middlesex County Men's team have successfully maintained their division 1 status with three fine wins at Windsor this weekend...



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